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computer components parts job lot 2 BIDS £155.00 57m
Pile of PSUs, cables, network, kvm, power and computer parts... job lot 0 BIDS £10.00 58m
150 x 225mm Magnetic Parts Tray( for Garage ,Computer Building) 868812 £7.59 1h 27m
Magnetic Parts tools Dish 150mm for Garage Computer Building Nuts bolts 871414 £3.59 1h 43m
“The Computer Bulletin”, Vol 7 part 5, October 1995 0 BIDS £3.99 4h 13m
JOB LOT OF 8 Assorted Computer Components Parts Apple Dell Spares Repairs £33.95 4h 27m
Metal Scrap Computer parts Pentium Era 0 BIDS £25.00 4h 35m
LG CD-RW DVD-ROM Drive GCC-4120B , Cheap , Computer Parts , Part . 0 BIDS £6.00 4h 47m
HOT AUCTION - 7 Bids HP Pavilion 24-B209NA All-in-One PC RAM 8GB 2TB HDD Computer White FOR PARTS 7 BIDS HOT AUCTION - 7 Bids £53.00 5h 24m
Job lot of computer parts...775 HSF, optical drives + other 0 BIDS £10.00 5h 26m
APPLE Power Macintosh A1117 computer G5 2.3GHz 2005 spares repairs parts used 0 BIDS £4.99 5h 38m
Dell DHP Computer For parts or Repair. Powers on Serial No B7K170J 0 BIDS £30.00 5h 53m
Job Lot Of Computer Components + Parts. £25.00 5h 57m
JOB LOT OF FAULTY Acer Dell Compaq Packard Bell Computer PC Housing £173.95 6h 26m
FAULTY 3x ASUS EEE PC Notebook Compact Case Laptop Personal Computer Spare Parts £33.95 6h 26m
FAULTY 4x ASUS EEE PC Notebook Compact Case Laptop Computer Battery Spare Parts £33.95 6h 27m
ACER Computer 2009 15inch diagonal Laptop PC Parts & Repair 0 BIDS £14.99 6h 31m
MEISEI P-24 JOT JRK81 Computer Network Interface Replacement Card NIC Part £36.95 14h 18m
80mm Desk Computer Table Cable Wire Hole Cover Silver/Grey 2 Part £0.99 16h 51m
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