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Long faux pearl necklace fashion jewelry jewellery 1920s flapper 1 BIDS £0.99 33m
Amethyst beads String of 3 mm Fashion Crafts Arts Stones Jewellery £4.99 43m
Charm Bracelet Chunky Hearts Party Moon Anchor Silver colored Fashion Jewellery £4.59 43m
Brooches Vintage Jewellery Pearl, Umbrella and Red Button Fashion Three £5.49 43m
Screw on Earrings Gold Sun and 3 Rainbow beads Fashion Jewellery Vintage £6.39 43m
Ring Gold plated Cubic Wishbone Fashion Bling Style Jewellery £4.59 43m
Ring Silver plated Leaved Band Fashion Jewelry Bling Band Love Fashion Style £3.19 43m
Ring Cygnet looking Saddle Fashion Bling Jewellery £2.79 43m
Ring Rhinestone Saddle Antique Fashion Jewellery Bling Silver Colored Gothic £4.59 43m
womens fashion jewelry owl  £5.00 48m
High Fashion Jewellery Chain Choker Gothic Chunky Statement Bib Collar Necklace £2.69 52m
Single Half O Ring Necklace High Fashion Choker Jewelry Punk Rock Gothic Pendant £2.80 52m
Silk Thread Wrapped Bangle Set Indian Women Designer Fashion Bracelets Jewellery £12.00 53m
Punk Rock Gothic Pendant Single Half O Ring Necklace High Fashion Choker Jewelry £2.40 53m
Dawapara Fashion Islamic Jewelry Round Almighty Allah Pendant for Girls ... £25.06 1h 2m
earrings/fashion earrings/dailywear jewellery/lightweight modern jewellery £2.00 1h 7m
Fashion jewellery 2 necklaces with fan pendants 0 BIDS £1.99 1h 7m
Shooo 32GB Rhinestone Metal Applanate Heart USB Flash Drive, Fashion Jewelry... £19.26 1h 12m
Rose Gold Plated Skull Earrings Austrian Crystals Black Fashion Jewellery UK £6.99 1h 12m
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